Nejc Miljak

My name is Nejc Miljak, and I am a videographer. I am not going to tell you who am I and what I love to do, but I am going to tell you why I started filming stories. I spend a lot of time on Vimeo, watching videos and searching for inspiration and motivation. After I have seen all of the videos that moved me. It’s time I give something back and try to inspire you.

  • From the sky to the earth, from earth the to the stream, from the river to the waterfall. We’ve meet there, where water is abundant. Since the dawn of time, the water is among Earth’s most important elements. It constantly cycles and tirelessly carries energy around. We are constantly trying to meet her in all the special places at special occasions and experience her energy in one of the most impressive forms – waterfalls.

    This time we headed to a hidden gorge in the middle of a dark alpine forest located in Slovenia. We could feel the power of the stream, raging throught the day and night.

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  • If you’ve been fortunate enough to have a role-model in your life. Someone to inspire you. You know how important it is to give back. Markus Carr is one of those people that continually invest in the lives of others and continue to inspire. His story talks about doing things your own way, enjoying life and remembering to give back. Here is a part of his journey…

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Proudly presenting a story about a basketball player

And his name is MARKUS CARR

Finally its online, the hard work paid off. Be sure not to miss it.

Thanks to Markus CarrAnže Osterman

  • Still thinking about this trip that I and Anže was on. I have a lot of radical memories. Shooting video, taking photographs, drinking beer and eating shitty food.

  • In november me and my friends went to the J.Cole concert in Munich. The concert was fucking rad! Had a lot of fun. Munich is dope, and if you are there you gotta go to the Deutsches Museum. You won’t regret it!

The Viewfinder Syndrome from Nejc Miljak on Vimeo.